Lina: lightweight, City Car for Sharing, Powered by Cleantron

Battery Electric Vehicle

Lina is a four-seat efficient electrical City Car. Lina weighs only 300 kilograms which is realized using a structural bio composite material. This material is comparable with carbon fibre, but more than 90% biological. Lina’s chassis is based on a sandwich construction, realized by pressing two composite sheets against a 95% biological honeycomb PLA.

For more information watch: BBC video

Battery Pack:
Lina is equipped with three 48V 1,9kWh lithium-ion battery packs from Cleantron. The Portable Batteries have a high energy density, are lightweight and are therefore easy to swap. A feature making Lina also future proof are the NFC tags in her doors; Lina can be unlocked with your smartphone. This enables the car to recognize the user and adapting to the user’s personal settings like a music playlist or phone contacts. These features make Lina perfect for Car Sharing Services. Lina is developed by the Ecomotive team of the University of Eindhoven and will be driving in 2017.

Learn more: Eindhoven University team TU-Ecomotive

About Cleantron®

Cleantron® is a Specialist Producer of Li-ion Battery Modules. Cleantron® produces Basic Modules (24V, 48V & High Voltage). Cleantron® engineers and produces Tailored Modules for OEM.

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