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Our Business

Cleantron is an independent, family owned, company and a high quality Battery producer with specialized engineering skills. Cleantron develops Batteries with the clear objective to produce the developed Battery designs. Alternatively, (in some cases e.g. in the Automotive Sector) we are willing to produce “Build-to-Print” Batteries. This concerns then Battery Prototypes as well as Series Product for Automotive Niche applications (Motorsport, special LCV and Luxury). Cleantron works knowledge based, puts the customer requirements central and strives for long term business relationships with her customer.


It is our mission to make Li-ion Battery Technology affordable and Technology of choice.
Cleantron makes Battery Packs continuously cleaner by fully utilizing the complete value of Lithium-Ion Cell-Technology, by producing better designed Packs and by developing smarter Solutions resulting in a lower total cost of ownership for our customer.


Our R&D, Engineering and Production efforts are alligned with the objective to:

  • Obtain full insight in the behavior of the Li-ion Cell,
  • Create competent and competitive Battery Modules and Battery Packs,
  • Produce best quality Battery Modules and Battery Packs
  • In mid-sized series (sweetspot : 10.000 p.a.)
  • Continuously improve
  • Independent from cell suppliers

By doing so, we can offer lower “costs of product” due to an optimal Cycle-life, “lower Costs of Service” by an increased operational reliability and to offer an improved LCA (optimal Cycle-life and intelligent use of materials). For this matter Cleantron works together with Technical Universities (in the Netherlands, Belgium and Sweden), Knowledge Institutes, Legislators (National, European and UN) and Test Institutes.

Jobs & Careers

Cleantron develops and produces Li-ion Battery Packs in Nieuw-Vennep, on bicycle distance of Amsterdam, The Netherlands. The Batteries of Cleantron are used in several markets, like Industry 4.0 (AGV’s Yellow Goods); LEV’s (e-Scooters/e-Motorcycles), Electric Vehicles (Urban Mobility) and the Automotive Sector.

Cleantron is an innovative and growing company. Cleantron puts quality of her products is central, and in order to guarantee this, we continuously work on improving our products and production processes.

Nurturing Diversity and Equality for Organizational Growth

Cleantron takes pride in nurturing a culture that supports gender equality and offers diversity. We appreciate the significant impact that a diverse representation of genders, ages, backgrounds, and levels of education can have on our organizational culture. Around 38% of Cleantron’s employees are talented women and people from 18 nationalities play together in different teams.

Cleantron supports women in a spectrum of capabilities and competencies, including engineering, management, administration, human resources and technical approaches. This broad representation adds different viewpoints, ideas, and abilities to the table, helping our company achieve overall creativity and success. It has been planned as a goal to enhance the presence of women in managerial position.

Cleantron’s Gender Equality Plan is based on three core strategies: first, creating a wide-ranging environment through fair hiring and promotion methods; second, investing in employee development through comprehensive training and development programs; and third, providing ongoing support and sponsorship to empower and advance the careers of all individuals in our diverse workforce.

Working at Cleantron

Ready to take the next step with Cleantron? You can always send a job application to Cleantron by sending an e-mail to the Human Resource department

If you are applying for a specific vacancy, please ensure to explicitly mention the relevant position in your e-mail.

Should you have any question about working in Cleantron? Feel free to send and email to:

Job Offer(s)

Upcoming Engineers, looking for learning in a professional innovative R&D environment, are welcome and encouraged to apply for a traineeship.


On 20 minutes distance from Amsterdam Schiphol Airport.

Pesetaweg 37,
2153 PJ Nieuw-Vennep,
The Netherlands

Phone: +31 71 887 60 76