Cleantron Circular E-Bike Battery in Bike Europe!

A comprehensive insight into Cleantron’s Circular E-Bike Battery solution has been published in Bike Europe.  A sustainable future for e-mobility is made possible by CleantronCircular.


Circular e-bike batteries provide the highest level of safety and conform to EN50604 standard, guaranteeing a long-term investment. You have the option to buy or subscribe to them by customizing to your e-bike design. Circular batteries come with a 10-year warranty, made for simple handling, have first- and second-line repair capabilities, the best possible theft protection, and an inventive recycling design for secure material separation.

About Cleantron®

Cleantron® is a Specialist Producer of Li-ion Battery Modules. Cleantron® produces Basic Modules (24V, 48V & High Voltage). Cleantron® engineers and produces Tailored Modules for OEM.

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