Advanced Joining Technologies; the backbone of the battery life


Our Business

Cleantron is a high quality Battery producer with specialized engineering skills. Cleantron develops Batteries to be produced by Cleantron.
Alternatively, in some cases (e.g. in the Automotive Sector), we can produce “Build-to-Print” Batteries. This concerns then Battery Prototypes as well as Series Product for Automotive Niche applications (Motorsport, special LCV, Luxury). Cleantron works knowledge based, puts the customer requirements central and strives for long term business relationships with her customer.




The Cleantron facility  is located close to the ports of Amsterdam and Rotterdam and is next door to Amsterdam Schiphol Airport in the Netherlands. Cleantron has, next to automated Assembly Lines for mainstream Production, also a Test Laboratory and Prototyping Facility. The production Series can therefore vary from α (alfa) – δ (delta) Prototypes up to mainstream industrial Series as well as mid-sized automotive Series. As from 2023, Cleantron is gearing up for larger mainstream industrial series as well as mid-sized automotive series.

Production Technology

Since 2014, Cleantron produces in a semi-automated assembly plant Batteries Packs that are based on Design for Assembly, Mechanical FEA and Thermal Analyses.

For welding of the Cells, that are always independently suspended, we are using only automated industrialized connective technologies.
Resistance welding: Cleantron uses in-house developed Weld Stations with Weld Cycle Control and Data Storage.
Laser-welding: Cleantron uses (fiber) Laser Technology for the welding of (primarily prismatic) Cells.
In addition, Cleantron can perform Adhesive Bonding. In order to control the quality of Adhesive Bonding, Plasma Cleaning can be applied.

For the Structural solutions (housings) we generally apply Aluminum or injection molded Plastic structural parts based on the latest generation thermal conductive plastics. To produce an optimal Thermal Path, we can apply Gap Filling technology.
In Cleantron production the human factor is restricted to Inlay and Manipulation; Assembly and intermediate Approval-processes are automated, securing consistent quality.



Quality Assurance

Cleantron sources on a component level in Europe and Asia. Here local Cleantron engineers perform quality inspections. After acceptance at the supplier’s site and inspection of incoming goods components can be used for production. In the production, Cleantron has developed captive quality control technology to master the quality of Cells, Electrononic components and sub-Assemblies.


At the entry of each Production Line, 100% of the incoming Cells is tested. This allows us to monitor the ingoing Cell quality, allows traceability between incoming Cells and produced Modules and Statistic build-up in order to predict future production performance.



At the end of each Production Line, every Module is tested with a full representative charge and discharge cycle before it is approved. Here, the Module performance is compared to expected values based on in-line Cell Tester result. The capacity must exceed expected minimum values to be OK and the assembly and weld quality is measured by internal Impedance measurements.

This approach is the blueprint and backbone of our production. By doing so, Cleantron limits quality fluctuations significantly and stimulates her supplier to continuous improvements.


By producing in Europe, Cleantron can offer customers an average delivery time of 4 weeks. Based on rolling forecasting, Cleantron can offer even shorter delivery times. Compared to the import of batteries from outside the EU, this is only a third of the lead-time. Cleantron is offering an opportunity to lower your working capital costs and to lower your quality costs. Cleantron’s proximity to the European customer base and lean organization, supports clear communication and reduces the chance on misunderstandings or delayed deliveries.

Certification of Development & Production Process

The Cleantron development and production process is ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified. Cleantron is currently applying for IATF 16949.