How to safely store Lithium-ion batteries: Essential Guidelines PGS37-2

Proper safe storage of lithium-ion batteries is important to prevent potential risks such as fires and explosions. This shows how essential it is to follow safety regulations. This article explains how Cleantron is dedicated to providing safe and compliant energy storage solutions for a wide range of applications.

The key risk of lithium-ion batteries is the occurrence of Thermal Runaway. This occurs when there is a failure (mechanical, thermal, or electrical) inside a battery cell leading to increased temperature, which at a certain moment fuels itself in a positive feedback loop. This can in turn ignite neighboring cells, potentially resulting in a severe chain effect of explosion and fire.

PGS37-2 is a safety guideline that outlines standards for the storage of lithium-ion batteries, with the aim to prevent accidents and reduce the effects of Thermal Runaway. This Dutch guideline describes a number of measures, including how batteries should be assessed upon receipt, how to properly segregate and store them, how to take sufficient precautions against fire propagation, and how to ensure a state-of-the-art fire suppression and alarm system is in place. Additionally, it promotes environmental safety by establishing rules that reduce adverse environmental effects in the case of an incident.

As a leader in the European li-ion battery industry, Cleantron supports the new regulations in order to create a safe and sustainable future. The purpose of these regulations is to facilitate the safe incorporation of energy storage technologies into a variety of applications, which include industrial machines and electric vehicles. Cleantron ensures compliance and contributes to the development of innovative energy storage systems that are scalable, ecologically responsible, and efficient by coordinating our operations with the most recent guidelines.

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