100% in-line Cell management
The bases for top performance

Tailored Module

The Optimal Battery Solution

Cleantron is specialized in the development and production of Battery Modules and Battery Systems. Battery solutions that fulfill your specific electrical demand, fit within the geometric constraint and can cope with the circumstances. This we do without compromising on quality or cost efficiency. Our scope of work includes Cell Selection, Mechanical Design as well as the Electrical Engineering for performance, communication and system integration.

Cell Selection



  • NMC
  • NCA
  • LTO
  • LFP

Cell Types


  • Cylindrical (18650, 26650 and 21700)
  • Prismatic (various dimensions)

Cell Suppliers


  • Samsung Cylindrical & Prismatic
  • LG Cylindrical
  • Panasonic Cylindrical
  • Toshiba Prismatic
  • Murata Cylindrical

Cleantron works with world-class Cell suppliers. The Cells that we apply are in-house characterized resulting in Data Sets. The Data Sets are used in our BMS electronics.

Battery Management System (BMS)

BMS Platforms

Cleantron has the following BMS platforms available. These BMS Platforms can form the base for your future dedicated Battery Pack.

Low Voltage

  • 24V
  •  36V
  •  48V
  •  72V

High Voltage

  • 100V, 150V, 200V, 250V, 300V, 350V, 400V, 450V, 500V, 550V, 600V, 650V
  •  700V, 750V
  •  800V

Advanced Modularity

Cleantron has developed and incorporated advanced BMS solutions enabling Battery Modules to work together in different configurations:

  • Parallel Discharge
    Cleantron’s Multiple Pack Configuration (MPC) firmware solution allows multiple Battery Modules to collaborate safely. This can be done by having multiple Packs discharging in parallel (for more capacity) or to have multiple Packs discharging sequentially (for battery swapping).
  • High Power and Portable Capacity
    Cleantron’s High Power Multiple Pack Configuration (HP-MPC)  enables a combination of high capacity and high-power. This is particularly of interest for applications where one wants to combine acceleration & speed on one hand with range on the other hand.

Development & Industrialisation

Mechanical Design

Concept Development
A Cleantron Concept Study is to define your electric specification and the most suitable battery use concept. The Deliverable is a feasible Battery Specification, and an indication of Engineering Budget & Product price.

Product Design
Our CAD/CAE engineers look after all details of design, interfacing, handling, connectors and IP resistance. In order to optimize the mechanical integrity (vibration, shock) and thermal management, Cleantron can run FEM simulations.

In House Testing
In our Cleantron Lab we can test Prototypes on temperature, humidity, mechanical loads and run tailored, representative endurance cycle testing.

Drive line integration
System integration is a crucial part of a robust working solution. Cleantron can integrate the Battery in the Battery Housing in the application.


Electrical Engineering

Concept Development
A Cleantron Concept Study is to define your electric specification and the most suitable battery use concept. The Deliverable is a feasible Battery Specification, and an indication of Engineering Budget & Product price.

Hard & Firmware Development
Cleantron can develop a customized BMS for your application. This can be based on our existing BMS Platforms. Alternatively, there is the option that we will develop a new dedicated BMS, tailored towards your needs. Both the firmware as hardware development are done in-house.

In-House Testing
In our Cleantron Lab, we can simulate your specific electrical load cases and measure performance and aging in order to optimize the robustness and cycle-life of your Battery.

Drive line integration
System integration is a crucial part of a true working solution. Cleantron can program the right CANbus protocols in order to communicate with the Charger and Motor Controller. Here Cleantron collaborates with suppliers of Chargers and Controllers like Delta-Q, IEB, Curtis and Sevcon.



The Cleantron facility is located close to the ports of Amsterdam and Rotterdam and is next door to Amsterdam Schiphol Airport in the Netherlands. Cleantron has, next to automated Assembly Lines for mainstream Production, also a Test Laboratory and Prototyping Facility. The production Series can therefore vary from α (alfa) – δ (delta) Prototypes up to mainstream industrial Series as well as mid-sized automotive Series.

Production Technology
Since 2014, Cleantron produces in a semi-automated assembly plant Batteries Packs that are based on Design for Assembly, Mechanical FEA and Thermal Analyses.

For welding of the Cells, that are always independently suspended, we use only automated industrialized connective technologies.
Resistance welding: Cleantron uses in-house developed Weld Stations with Weld Cycle Control and Data Storage.
Laser-welding: Cleantron uses (fiber) Laser Technology for the welding of (primarily prismatic) Cells.
In addition, Cleantron can perform Adhesive Bonding. In order to control the quality of Adhesive Bonding, Plasma Cleaning can be applied.

For the Structural solutions (housings) we generally apply Aluminum or injection molded Plastic structural parts based on the latest generation Thermal Conductive Plastics. To produce an optimal Thermal Path, we can apply Gap Filling technology.
In Cleantrons Production Facility, the human factor is restricted to Inlay and Manipulation; Assembly and intermediate Approval-processes are automated, securing consistent quality.



Battery Certification
Cleantron collaborates with DEKRA in Arnhem, the Netherlands, and other Certifying Bodies in Europe and North America. Dependent upon the application, usage circumstances and geographic markets, Cleantron can advise you on important certification topics. Due to her experience and collaborations, Cleantron can also manage the certification test procedures at the Test Institute on your behalf. Most common certifications are:

  • UN38.3 (road, ocean and air transportation)
  • IEC 62133 (portable devices and often applied for e-bikes)
  • IEC 62619 (AGVs and pallet trucks)
  • EN 50604-1 (Light Electric Vehicles)
  • UL 2271 (Light Electric Vehicles, AGV’s and Hand Pallet Wagons)
  • UL 2054 (small Portable Batteries)

Functional Safety
Cleantron can develop Batteries in compliance with Functional safety (IEC 61508; ISO 13849 and ISO 26262).

Certification Development & Production Process
The Cleantron development and production process is ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified. Cleantron is currently applying for IATF 16949.


Driveline Integration

Motor Controllers

No open ends. System integration is a crucial part of a working solution. Cleantron can design the communication with the Charger and Motor Controller, included embedded intelligence, needed for flawless functioning under all circumstance. Cleantron collaborates with Curtis and Sevcon, but can also work with other Motor Controller suppliers.

(Fast) Charging

Sound charging is vital for a Battery. Therefore, for straight forward indoor applications, we recommend quality chargers of IEB (Germany). In case of special chemistries, e.g. LTO cells, Cleantron can develop dedicated charging protocols for (ultra) fast charging like opportunity charging.
In case of specific charge requirements, e.g. fast charging, charging protocols can be developed and set for every battery type and application. Here we have a collaboration with charger supplier DeltaQ.

User Interfaces & Remote Monitoring

Communication is everything; Next to our standard CANbus communication which is availabe on each Cleantron Pack, Cleantron’s new “connected” Battery Pack solution also provides Remote Monitoring of the Batteries: this monitoring concerns the Battery State of Health, Temperature, State of Charge, Current and other parameters –  which are critical for maximizing performance and cycle-life. You can track each Battery’s location, providing additional key insights into the status of high-value mobile/portable assets such as medical equipment, Industry 4.0 equipment and light electric vehicles. Here Cleantron closely collaborates with Liniair, NXP, ST, T1 and Telit.