Elevating Safety Standards


We proudly extend our sincere congratulations to Chaantremi Shullai for successfully clearing the ISO 26262 exam and earning the prestigious designation of a certified ‘Functional Safety Professional’!


By accomplishing the TÜV ISO 26262 certification, a widely recognized standard, Chaantremi has fortified Cleantron with the readiness to meet the demands of our business and excel in strict compliance with the ISO 26262 standard. This remarkable achievement stands as a testimony to Cleantron’s commitment to maintaining the highest standards of functional safety.


Chaantremi’s attainment of the ISO 26262 certificate has bestowed upon Cleantron a notable competitive advantage. Their adeptness in building internal competencies enables the effective and efficient handling of functional safety projects, ensuring that we remain at the forefront of safety and quality within our industry.



It is worth noting that while the ISO 26262 certification primarily centers around the automotive industry, Chaantremi’s profound knowledge extends to other pertinent functional safety standards such as the esteemed IEC 61508. This versatility broadens Cleantron’s horizons and equips us to tackle diverse safety challenges across multiple domains.


We commend Chaantremi for their exceptional dedication and expertise, which contribute significantly to Cleantron’s pursuit of excellence in functional safety. This accomplishment further reinforces our commitment to safeguarding the welfare of our clients and partners.

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