ETERNA! A car with not one, but two lifecycles!


We are proud to support the TU/ecomotive team’s innovative project: ETERNA!

At Cleantron, we are thrilled and honored to add a new chapter to our partnership with the incredible TU/ecomotive team as they unveil their latest creation, ETERNA!

ETERNA’s mission is revolutionary—to build a car that defies the lifespan of traditional vehicles, creating a remarkable double lifecycle. One of the driving forces behind ETERNA’s impressive performance lies in its state-of-the-art P4X battery modules, provided by Cleantron.

As ETERNA makes its grand debut, we eagerly anticipate the remarkable achievements that lie ahead. Cleantron and the TU/ecomotive team are ready to redefine the boundaries of sustainability and showcase the potential of responsible automotive technology.

Experience innovation and sustainability with ETERNA—discover the future of automotive excellence today!

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