Cleantron at the 3rd Green Non-Road Machinery Conference


Cleantron will be at the 3rd Green Non-Road Mobile Machinery Conference (NRMM) in Amsterdam on October 19 & 20, 2023. We look forward discussing about our latest achievement in non-road industry market, advanced 48V Battery Modularity & High Voltage (HV) systems.

The 3rd Green Non-Road Mobile Machinery Conference bringing together senior executives from the industry for a two-day business networking event, in which Maarten Kelder from Cleantron will take the stage to share his expertise about “Immersion Cooling for Scalable Battery Systems.”

Session Highlights:

      • Challenges in Scalable Battery Systems
      • Why Immersion Cooling
      • Implementation Example

     More information: The 3rd Green Non-Road Mobile Machinery Conference

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    Cleantron® is a Specialist Producer of Li-ion Battery Modules. Cleantron® produces Basic Modules (24V, 48V & High Voltage). Cleantron® engineers and produces Tailored Modules for OEM.

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