Cleantron at Electric Vehicles Batteries Summit 2021, Rotterdam

On June 23 and 24, 2021, Cleantron will present her Battery Innovations at the European Electric Vehicles Batteries Summit 2021. At this Summit the discussion will be focused on the key issues for the electric vehicle batteries market, such as scaling up the industry and the technology needed to implement the solutions.

The two day event will bring together industry leaders from major car manufacturers, off high road vehicle manufacturers & battery producers sharing their knowledge and experience with the latest technology developments.

For more information, please monitor this website EU Electric Vehicle Summit 2021

About Cleantron®

Cleantron® is a Specialist Producer of Li-ion Battery Modules. Cleantron® produces Basic Modules (24V, 48V & High Voltage). Cleantron® engineers and produces Tailored Modules for OEM.

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