Circular e-Bike Battery

a fusion of durability & sustainability.

The Cleantron Circular e-Bike Battery opens up new horizons in the domain of e-bikes. This innovative battery brings together cutting-edge technology and eco-conscious design, redefining the way we power our e-Bikes.

Circular e-bike battery

Key Features

·         Adjustable to your e-Bike Design:
The Circular e-Bike Battery seamlessly adapts to the unique design of your electric bicycle. Its versatility ensures a balanced integration, regardless of style or specifications.

·         Purchase or Sales-by-Subscription (BaaS):
Choose the ownership model that suits you best: purchase the battery or hold the convenience of a Sales-by-Subscription model.

·         10-Year Warranty:
The Circular e-Bike Battery offers an unprecedented 10-year guarantee, ensuring good looks, longevity and reliability.

·         Ultimate Theft Protection:
The Circular e-Bike Battery incorporates advanced theft protection measures, providing your customer with confidence and peace of mind.

·         Intuitive Handling:
Seamlessly insert, extract, and charge the Circular e-Bike Battery with effortless ease. Its intuitive design simplifies the handling avoiding damages.

·         Robust Design & Easy Part Replacement:
The Circular e-Bike Battery is robust, resisting the challenges of everyday use. It’s Design for Repair and component availability allows 1st Line Repairs by your local store, ensuring short downtime and customer satisfaction.

·         Repairability:
The unique Design for Repair philosophy allows Battery Management System (BMS) and Cell replacement, enhancing the battery’s longevity and minimizing waste. This so called 2nd Line Repair will be offered by Cleantron or it’s EU service partners.

·         Recycling:
The Circular e-Bike Battery facilitates the safe separation of parts, ensuring cost efficient recycling and reducing environmental impact.

Technical Data

Battery Capacity510Wh
Battery Capacity14.1Ah
Expected Cycle Life1000cycles
Expected Calender Life*10years
Charge Voltage limit41V
Nominal Voltage36V
DischargeVoltage limit31V
Max Charge Current6A
End of Charge Current0.5A
Nominal Discharge Current10A
Peak Discharge Current18A
Parallel switchingYES (MPC)
Functional Safety compliancePLr-C/SIL-1
Compliance**UN 38.3, IEC 62133, EN50604
Ingress Protection LevelIP67
Easy bike loadingYES
Charge on charger plugYES
Optional charger docking stationYES
Easy part replacementYES
BMS & Cell replacement possibleYES
* based on one maintenance action
** Battery inside compartment

CLEANTRON® Circular e-Bike Battery

Take your e-Bike to the next level with the Cleantron Circular e-Bike Battery.
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