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ZEM 2022

ZEM is a ground braking innovative electric vehicle that cleans the air while driving.

The goal of the Eindhoven University Team “Ecomotive” is to reduce the CO2 emissions during all life phases; Production, Driving and After-life.

One of the most innovative technologies implemented in Zem is the direct air capture technology (DAC). When the car is driving, air will move through our self-designed filters, where the CO2 will be captured and stored. To showcase the low emissions of Zem, a life cycle analysis (LCA) was performed. In these LCA calculations all three life phases were taken into account.

On the 21st of July 2022 the ZEM car was unveiled at an event at the Louwman museum in the Hague.

The ZEM car is powered by a modular battery system consisting out of multiple P4X 48V Cleantron Battery Modules. In order to make the battery swapping more easy also the Compact Lightweight Portable (CLP) Battery Pack can be applied. Like many years before also this year Cleantron is the battery partner of the Eindhoven University of Technology.

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Cleantron® is a Specialist Producer of Li-ion Battery Modules. Cleantron® produces Basic Modules (24V, 48V & High Voltage). Cleantron® engineers and produces Tailored Modules for OEM.

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